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  • May 22
  • May 23
  • May 24
Wednesday May 22. 09:30.
    Current Situation of Proptech in Spain
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    Wednesday May 22. 10:15-11:15. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
    • Current trends and the future of proptech in Spain
    • Disruptive innovations and their impact on real estate
    • Challenges and opportunities for the spanish real estate sector
    • Presentation: 'Proptech Trends Report in 2024'
    Financing and Investment in Proptech
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    Wednesday May 22. 11:45-12:30. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
    • Capital Acquisition Strategies for Proptech Startups: Various funding avenues, from venture capital to crowdfunding.
    • Valuation of proptech companies in the current market: How investors assess the growth potential and sustainability of startups.
    • Which companies are attracting investment in proptech?
    The AI Revolution
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    Wednesday May 22. 13:00-13:45. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
    • Real applications of AI in real estate. Where is the limit?
    • Integration of advanced technologies in real estate operations
    • Automation and operational efficiency
    • Strategies for a successful digital transformation
    Wednesday May 22. 13:45-15:00.
      Property Management. Tools and solutions for the management of landlords and tenants
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      Wednesday May 22. 15:00-15:45. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
      • Technological solutions for property management.
      • Enhancements in tenant experience through technology.
      • Asset management and performance optimization.
      ULI Proptech Innovation Challenge
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      Wednesday May 22. 16:50-18:00. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
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        Wednesday May 22. 18:00.
          Thursday May 23. 09:30.
            Proptech, e-commerce and customer experience
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            Thursday May 23. 10:15-11:00. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
            • Digital transformation in the purchase and after-sales experience
            • Personalization and engagement through digital platforms
            The role of technology seen by the key players in the industry
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            Thursday May 23. 11:15-12:00. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
            • Industry leaders' perspectives on technological evolution challenges
            • Strategies for sustaining competitiveness
            • Synergies between proptech and corporates
            Proptech and digitization of processes in real estate developers
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            Thursday May 23. 12:15-13:00. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
            • Digitalization of construction and sales processes.
            • Project management and collaboration tools.
            Real estate business opportunity in the international network Ikami
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            Thursday May 23. 13:00-13:30. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
            Thursday May 23. 13:45-15:00.
              Data, the new gold in the real estate sector
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              Thursday May 23. 15:00-15:45. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
              • Data analysis for strategic decision-making
              • Market intelligence and trend predictions
              • Analytical tools for property valuation
              Cybersecurity in the real estate sector
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              Thursday May 23. 15:45-16:30. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
              • Risk assessment and data protection
              • Implementation of advanced security technologies
              • Compliance with regulations
              • Strategies for the analysis and mitigation of cyber risks
              End of the workday
              Thursday May 23. 18:15.
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                Friday May 24. 09:30.
                  The present and future of Proptech: learnings and success cases in corporates and companies
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                  Friday May 24. 10:15-11:00. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
                  • Keys to success and scalability in business models
                  • Collaboration, a key for company growth
                  • Initiatives developed by corporates for the transformation of the proptech ecosystem
                  Proptech and disruptive business models in the real estate sector
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                  Friday May 24. 11:00-11:45. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
                  • Ibuyers, financing associated with the rental or purchase process
                  • Other complementary services associated with the buyer
                  End of the workday
                  Friday May 24. 14:00.

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