PROPTECH EXPO Exhibitor’s Guide to Sustainable Participation and Best Practices

At SIMA we are very conscious of the environment and we are carrying out initiatives to make PROPTECH EXPO a sustainable fair, promoting respect for our planet at all times.

We cannot face the present without committing ourselves to the future and to the impact that our actions may have on the ecosystem. That is why here is our guide to sustainable participation so that you can make your participation in PROPTECH EXPO more sustainable than ever.

1. Production of your stand

  • Promote the use of recycled or reusable materials
  • Rent as much furniture as possible
  • Use recycled or FSC or FEFC labeled cardboard
  • Use LED or energy efficient lighting
  • Use water-based or latex inks on signage and brochuresUse PVC-free printing materials

2. Setting up your stand

  • Accommodate your team close to IFEMA, you will avoid long journeys
  • Use the recycling points in the pavilion
  • Use water-based paints for decoration
  • Use artificial flowers or decorative elements
  • Encourage the use of wood from sustainable forestry production
  • Reusable or recyclable carpet

3. Movement of material and goods

  • Minimise packaging when transporting decoration and scenery elements
  • Use recyclable packaging material / reuse it during dismantling
  • Use electric or hybrid assembly machinery (forklift trucks, scissors, telescopic, articulated, etc.)

4. Publicity material

  • Encourage the use of local printers
  • Minimise the amount of paper documents you deliver (avoid dark backgrounds; eco-friendly fonts such as “ecofont” help minimise these)
  • Use 100% recycled fibre paper or paper from sustainable forestry (FSC or PEFC certified)
  • Minimise advertising material on short-use paper to a minimum
  • Use ecofriendly materials

5. Minimising your carbon footprint

  • Use appliances with high energy rating
  • Consume as much electricity as possible, reduce it as much as possible
  • Reduce travel for transport of materials and ancillary staff as much as possible

6. Waste management

  • Use the containers and recycling points provided by IFEMA
  • Separate and classify the waste from your stand

And remember:

  • BLUE: for paper/cardboard
  • YELLOW: for metal and plastic
  • GREEN: for glass
  • BLACK: for other waste

*For the correct functioning of the above, the SIMA organisation team will set up waste collection points near the areas where waste is likely to be generated. Staff will be explained how to separate waste and where the selective waste collection points are located.).

7. Workers and auxiliary staff

  • Follow the basic regulations for hiring workers and staff for your stand
  • Control their working hours and working hours during the days of the fair
  • Use staff uniforms with ecological textile fibres

8. Catering service

  • Promotes the presence of organic and seasonal products
  • Use fresh food instead of frozen food
  • Encourage the use of locally sourced foods
  • Don’t forget options for vegans and vegetarians
  • Make menus with healthy food
  • Remember organic produce
  • Drink beverages produced close to Madrid
  • Use reusable tableware and glasses