General Participation Rules PROPTECH EXPO

The complete version of the “General Rules of Participation” is available to exhibitors upon request.

Art. 1.- Definitions.

In these General Rules of Participation, “Event” or “Exhibition” refers to PROPTECH EXPO, which is held within the framework of SIMAPRO 2023 and in parallel to SIMA 2023, both of which are held at IFEMA MADRID. The term “Exhibitor” includes any individual or legal entity, which has space at the Exhibition. The terms “Organizer” or “Organization” designate Planner Exhibitions, with registered office at Plaza del Marqués de Salamanca, 9 28009 Madrid and tax identification number B-86616703.

Art. 2.- Acceptance of the rules of participation

All entities or individuals who apply to participate as exhibitors in the exhibition accept these General Rules, which form an integral part of the exhibition contract. This document is an extract of the general rules of participation of SIMA/SALÓN DEL INVERSOR/SIMAPRO/PROPTECH EXPO.

Art. 3.- Application for Participation

3.1. Who may participate. Participation in the EVENT shall be open to all companies, institutions and entities whose activities are included in the sectors to be demonstrated. The final acceptance of participation is reserved to the organization, which may reject, with reasons, those applications that are not considered to be included in the sectors and products that are the object of the event and, therefore, do not comply with the purposes of the same. Lack of space and/or submission of the same outside the established deadlines may also be grounds for rejection of the application. The EVENT Organization also reserves the right to exclude anyone who may be guilty of unfair competition or any other infringement of the established law, anyone who assigns or subleases all or part of the contracted space, or anyone who does not attend the booth during all the hours the booths are open to the public.

Exhibitors, with the formalization of the contract, accept these and all the rules and regulations established by the organizer of the event.

3.2. Contracting and payment.

  1. The contracting will be made through an electronic form that PLANNER EXHIBITIONS has enabled for this purpose. By formalizing the contract, the contracting entity accepts that no right to indemnity or compensation will accrue in the event that the event does not meet its business expectations or those of the organization.
  2. Payment. In order for the contract to be valid, the contracting entity must have paid the total amount established in the ‘Contract amount’ section of the contracting form. Companies holding outstanding balances from previous events will not be able to contract with Planner Exhibitions.

In the event that the contracting company does not comply with the payment on the established dates, it will lose the right to participate and the right to a refund of the amounts paid up to that moment. The contracted space, if any, will remain at the disposal of the organization, which may offer it to other companies. Likewise, the occupation of exhibition space and the assembly of the booth will not be authorized as long as there are pending payments for any concept.

3.3. Method of payment. Payment for the contract shall be made in euros, by transfer to Planner Exhibitions in accordance with the schedule indicated in the Contracting Form.

3.4 Subletting or assignment of booths. It is expressly forbidden to assign or sublet a booth to other companies.

3.5 Applicable rates and conditions. The applicable rates and conditions shall be those specified in the contracting form.

3.6. Obligatory services. The contracting of a booth necessarily entails the mandatory services indicated in the contracting form.

3.7. Additional services. The contracting of a booth or any other type of participation shall only entitle the contracting company to receive the services indicated on the contracting form. The contracting company may request the services it deems necessary through the Production and Customer Service Department of Planner Exhibitions. A complete list of these services is included in the link provided by the Production and Customer Service Department and shall be sent to each company that formalizes its participation in the EVENT.

Important information.

Occasionally, companies may receive offers to acquire databases of attendees to our events. Planner Exhibitions does not commercialize, nor does it cede to third parties for commercialization, lists or databases of participants in its fairs, and therefore any offer of this nature should be disregarded.

3.8. Accreditations. The personnel of the companies participating with a booth or under another of the available participation modalities must be duly accredited to access the EVENT. They may access and download their accreditations from the services link provided by the Production and Customer Service Department.

3.9. Invitations. The Organization shall make electronic invitations to visit the EVENT available to participating companies upon request. Such request shall be made through the INVITATIONS section of the link provided by the Production and Customer Service Department. Likewise, participating companies shall receive the passes to attend the PROPTECH EXPO conference program indicated in the contracting form.

3.10. Changes to the booth plan. The organizer reserves the right, in case of force majeure or necessity, to vary the location and dimensions of the site, to change or close the entrances or exits of the site, as well as to carry out works and modifications, without this entailing any right of compensation for exhibitors.

3.11. Numbering of booths. The booth numbers shown on the marketing plan are provisional. Exhibitors must refrain from advertising or promoting using these numbers without first confirming the definitive numbering with the organizers. The organizer will inform the exhibitor of any changes in the booth number, should they occur.

3.12. Non-celebration as well as suspension and transfer of the EVENT to other dates. In the case that the EVENT cannot take place definitively, without being able to be moved to another date within the same calendar year, due to force majeure, the organizers shall be released from all liability under article 1.184 of the Civil Code, and shall not be entitled to claim any kind of compensation from the organizers. However, exhibitors shall be entitled to reimbursement of any amounts paid up to the time of notification of cancellation.

If the EVENT is cancelled due to force majeure and its holding can be moved within the same calendar year, the participating companies shall accept even their relocation in the event that the EVENT cannot be held in the same place and location as originally planned.

For the purposes of the provisions of this section 13 and section 11 above, force majeure shall be deemed to be an event of force majeure both for the organizer and for the venue (whether IFEMA Madrid or another venue) where the EVENT is scheduled to be held.

Force majeure (or fortuitous event) shall be defined as those events that could not have been foreseen, or which, if foreseen, were unavoidable, such as, but not limited to, natural disasters (flood, fire, earthquake, storm), armed conflicts, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, strikes, lockouts, boycotts, epidemics and pandemics, or similar events beyond the reasonable control of the affected party, which prevent the proper preparation and/or organization and/or holding of the EVENT on the scheduled dates.

3.14. Attention at the booth during the exhibition hours. The exhibitor undertakes to provide booth service during the entire hours of the event, either with its own personnel or by hiring hostesses.

3.15. Closure of booths. Planner Exhibitions may close a booth during the period during which the Show is being set up or held in the event of non-compliance by the Exhibitor with the established Participation Regulations or in execution of a court order to this effect, without Planner Exhibitions being under any obligation to grant the exhibitor any compensation or refund of the amounts paid for its participation.

Art. 5. Waiver to participate in the EVENT

The contracting entity’s withdrawal from participation in the EVENT shall be grounds for termination of its contractual relationship with the Organizer, to all intents and purposes, with forfeiture of any amounts accrued to the Organizer at the time such withdrawal is notified.

For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the amounts that the contracting entity should have paid to Planner Exhibitions at the time of formalizing the aforementioned withdrawal shall be deemed to have accrued, in accordance with the schedule of payment deadlines set forth in the Contracting Form for the event.

The withdrawal must be expressly made in writing addressed to the Show Organizers. If the withdrawal takes place in the thirty days prior to the opening of the event, the organizer may demand full payment of the contracted services from the contracting company.

Art. 6.- Staff directly or indirectly in charge of the exhibitor (excerpt).

The contracting entity and its contractors and subcontractors, including the companies with which they contract the assembly and dismantling of their booths, if any, must be up to date in the fulfillment of all their tax, labor, social security and occupational risk prevention obligations, as well as any other rules or regulations that may be applicable to the activities they carry out in the contracted space. In particular, they must have contracted and in force a Civil Liability insurance covering the liabilities that may arise from their performance. Likewise, the exhibitor undertakes to comply with and ensure that its contractors and/or subcontractors comply with the current legislation on occupational health and safety applicable to the work carried out by them or, where appropriate, contracted or subcontracted, the organizer declining any liability for breach of such obligations.

In the same sense, the contracting entity shall hold harmless and indemnify the organizer for any loss or damage that may arise, directly or indirectly, as a result of sanctions or liabilities imposed by the competent authorities for breach of such obligations and/or claims brought by the exhibitor’s contractors and subcontractors, including, if any, the companies with which the exhibitor contracts the assembly and dismantling of its booths, the workers of the latter and of the exhibitor itself and, in general, of any agent, natural or legal person, who carries out any type of activity in or for the contracted space.

Art.7.- Sectorial regulations for exhibition products

Participating companies undertake to exhibit, offer or market only products and services that fully comply with the legal regulations applicable to them.

Art. 11.- Safety and cleanliness

The EVENT shall have its own security and surveillance service. The Organization shall take care of the surveillance of the exhibition areas, but shall not be responsible for the material and objects deposited at each booth or for any damage that may be suffered by the objects, samples, assembly and exhibition materials before, during or after the holding of the Exhibition.

In no case shall the participating entity be liable to the Organization for loss or damage to the material and objects in the booth, whatever they may be alleged.

During the assembly period, the service roads must be left empty.

The organization’s cleaning service may remove anything found in the common areas after the end of the assembly period.

It is advisable to remove any material considered to be of value at the beginning of the dismantling. The organization will not be responsible for any material that is lost or destroyed during the dismantling period.

Art.13.- Hours of celebration, assembly and disassembly and access and exit of participating companies

13.1. Opening hours for visitors. May 24 and May 25, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; May 26, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m..

13.2. Opening hours for exhibitors. May 24 and May 25, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.; May 26, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

13.3 Assembly schedule. May 22 and May 23, from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The booth will be delivered to the exhibitor on Tuesday, May 23 from 3:00 p.m. onwards so that the exhibitor can equip it with its materials.

13.4 Dismantling schedule. May 28 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

It is recommended that reusable materials and any other elements considered to be of value be removed immediately after the end of the exhibition hours. The dismantling of the booths will take place from Friday, May 26 at 3:00 p.m.

The booth will be delivered to the exhibitor on Wednesday, May 25 from 3:00 p.m. onwards so that the exhibitor can equip it with its materials.

13.5. Schedules may be modified for technical or organizational reasons.

13.6. Authorization for the start of assembly and dismantling. In order to authorize the entry of materials and the start of booth assembly or, if applicable, to authorize the removal of materials during dismantling, the exhibitor must have previously paid in full the amounts corresponding to the contracting of space and services.

Art.14.- Entrance and exit of materials

14.1. Schedules. For the entry/exit of materials, objects and decoration material, the Exhibitor shall abide by the Show set up and dismantling schedules established by the Organizer. Outside these hours, Exhibitors must obtain express authorization from the Organizer.

14.2. Entry of materials and equipment for exhibitors with booth. The Production and Customer Service Department will indicate the schedules for the entry of materials and equipment. Under no circumstances will the organization receive material from exhibitors. The responsible staff of the exhibiting company will be in charge of receiving the material at its staboothnd.

14.3. Removal of reusable materials and other valuable elements during dismantling. PLANNER EXHIBITIONS will in no case be responsible for materials, decoration elements or equipment that are lost or destroyed during the dismantling period. It is recommended that reusable materials and any other element considered of value be removed at the beginning of the dismantling period, immediately after the end of the celebration schedule.

14.4. Material not removed. Any material, object or product that remains in the pavilion after the end of the hours assigned for its removal under the conditions established by the Organization shall be considered abandoned and shall be removed by the Organizer. The exhibitor will be obliged to pay the expenses derived from such removal.

Art. 17.- S.G.A.E.

The exhibitor must comply with the legislation in force for the use of intellectual property works and must provide Planner Exhibitions with a copy of the corresponding authorization and the receipt for payment of the royalties, prior to the start of the assembly of the event. The aforementioned formalities must be carried out at the General Delegation of the S.G.A.E. ( Claims arising from the lack of such authorization shall be remitted by Planner Exhibitions to the sanctioned exhibitor.

Art 18.- Maximum sound level (excerpt)

Noisy demonstrations that may disturb other exhibitors are prohibited, and may not exceed 45 decibels measured at the edge of the booth.

Art. 19.- Promotional actions outside the booth

No exhibitor may demonstrate, distribute and/or exhibit samples, brochures, leaflets, flyers and any type of promotional material outside the space of his booth, with the exception of those who have contracted the dynamic advertising service. Companies that have not contracted this service and distribute advertising outside their booth space will be obliged to pay the amount of the dynamic advertising service according to the rates in force.

Art. 50.- Jurisdiction

The intervening parties agree that with respect to any litigation, discrepancy, question or claim resulting from the execution or interpretation of the General Participation Rules, they shall be subject to the Commercial and Civil Code and, in any case, to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Justice of Madrid.


With the contracting and awarding of the space, and once the participation modality has been selected, the exhibitor will be invoiced the amounts corresponding to the contracted concepts: floor rental, assembly fee, cleaning, minimum electricity consumption, civil liability insurance and multi-fair insurance, booth assembly, wifi, graphics and furniture.

The exhibitor may opt for one of the following participation modalities:

WOODEN MODULAR TURNKEY BOOTH 6 or 12m2: Includes booth structure and enclosure walls with adjoining booths (if any), carpeting, lighting, electrical differential panel with single socket base and lettering/signage with standardized lettering. In addition, the booth will be equipped with basic furniture pack and graphics on the back wall.

FREE DESIGN BOOTH FROM 13m2: Installation of a free design by the booth exhibitor. It will include at least the dividing walls with the pavilion wall or with other booths, electrical differential panel with certificate bulletin and flooring or carpeting. The organization will send the exhibitor who chooses this modality the regulations of construction of booths. The exhibitor must comply with this regulation and send the booth project (render and drawings) to the Production and Customer Service Department within the deadlines set for approval.

STARTUPS AREA SPACE: It includes back wall, lighting, electrical differential panel with single socket and standard lettering/signage. In addition, the booth will be equipped with the furniture and graphics corresponding to this modality.


Castelló 64. 28001. Madrid. CIF: B86616703

The complete version of the “General Rules of Participation” is available to exhibitors upon request.



1. Introduction

One of the objectives of the events organized by Planner Exhibitions is to contribute to the professionalization and transparency of the real estate sector, which are essential requirements for the necessary improvement of its image in the eyes of citizens, institutions and public opinion in general. In line with the foregoing, Planner Exhibitions, the promoter and organizer of SIMA, SIMAPRO and PROPTECH EXPO, has drawn up this CODE OF GOOD PRACTICES, which is expressly assumed by all contracting entities when they formalize their contract for participation in the EVENT.

2. Reach

This Code is articulated around the following five areas related to the participation of an entity as an exhibitor at the fair:

  • Adequacy of the offer that is presented at the fair to the legal regulations that apply to it.
  • Communication and information related to the presence at the fair
  • Attention to visitors at the booth
  • Relationship with the rest of the exhibitors at the fair
  • Claims management

3. Principles of action

3.1. Adequacy of the offer presented at the fair to the applicable legal regulations

The participating company undertakes to ensure that the offer of products or services presented at the EVENT fully complies with the applicable legal regulations.

3.2. Communication and information relating to presence at the EVENT

Any communication or printed information provided by a company participating in PROPTECH EXPO during the EVENT shall comply with the following principles

  • It shall be respectful
  • It shall be truthful
  • It shall be accurate, avoiding artificially exaggerating the attributes or characteristics of the company or of the products or services to be presented at the fair
  • It will be transparent, not hiding relevant information for a potential client’s decision making.

3.3. Relationship with visitors to the booth

The relationship with visitors shall comply with the following criteria:

  • The exhibiting company shall ensure that the staff at the booth in charge of informing visitors has the necessary professional training to perform this task correctly.
  • Ethical practice. The exhibiting company shall ensure that the staff of the booth performs their duties with integrity, respecting, in the information provided to visitors, the same principles set forth in section 3.2 above.
  • Compliance with the law. The exhibiting company shall ensure that the staff of the booth performs their duties in compliance with the applicable regulations in their relations with visitors, especially those relating to consumer protection, prevention of money laundering and protection of personal data.

3.4. Relationship with other exhibitors and companies participating in the event

The exhibiting company shall act with the utmost respect towards the other exhibitors, refraining from publicly expressing criticisms or opinions that could undermine the image of other participating companies or institutions.

During the fair, the exhibitor shall use promotional tools that do not harm other exhibitors and shall avoid any type of practices that may be considered unfair competition.

3.5. Handling of complaints

The exhibiting company undertakes to process any complaints that may arise as a result of its participation in the fair and to provide a response as soon as possible.